What to Feed your Guests?

Well the good news is that here at The Street Food Catering Company we can actually provide anything and everything for every occasion. Does that make us a jack or all trades? Nooo absolutely not, you should know us better by now! J We have a team of dedicated chefs who have their own area of expertise for each occasion. If you are planning an I do Festivals event for a birthday celebration, options such as fish and chips, big pan favourites and hog roasts are always a raging success with guests.  Our selection is plentiful, just like the food and we never fail to deliver mouth-watering festival delights, even at midnight for your cheese toasties, cones or chips and dirty burgers smothered in cheese and bacon! Ok I am starting to dribble at this point, I digress! These classics also work incredibly well at our corporate and wedding celebrations. We often find that at these particular events a mix of the big pan delights followed by a more formal options has worked incredibly well. From a Wedding Festival Company perspective, feeding your guests early with something is a fantastic way to get them into the spirit of the day. However, many of our couples like to have something a bit more formal seated, even if it one course, as it’s a great opportunity to hold the speeches and raise a glass to the happy couple. Similarly, with The Corporate Festival Company, the more formal dining is perfectly positioned for annual presentations and award ceremonies.

From canapes served by smartly dressed waiting staff, through to fillet mignon, our team can deliver culinary delights to help you create an unforgettable event.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can create deliciously appetising magic for you.


What to Feed your Guests?
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