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Our mouthwatering menu options are endless; please download a copy of our current menus for inspiration, but don’t forget we can offer completely bespoke packages too.


We use only the freshest ingredients in our menus and all dishes are prepared and cooked on site, delivering our clients first class quality and service every time.


Our chefs can source and prepare pretty much any dish you require so just get in touch and we’ll see how we can help!

We have a team of qualified chefs for every occasion that master in their own bespoke scintillating catering choices.


Here at The Street Food Catering Company, we deliver traditional street food options from hog roasts, chilli, and mouth-watering fresh fish and chips through to a comprehensive selection of canapes and fine dining options.






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What to Feed your Guests?

What to Feed your Guests?​

Well the good news is that here at The Street Food Catering Company we can actually provide anything and everything for every occasion. Does that make us a jack or all trades? Nooo absolutely not, you should know us better by now! J We have a team of dedicated chefs who have their own area of expertise for each occasion. If you are planning an I do Festivals event for a birthday celebration, options such as fish and chips, big pan favourites and hog roasts are always a raging success with guests.  Our selection is plentiful, just like the food and we never fail to deliver mouth-watering festival delights, even at midnight for your cheese toasties, cones or chips and dirty burgers smothered in cheese and bacon! Ok I am starting to dribble at this point, I digress! These classics also work incredibly well at our corporate and wedding celebrations. We often find that at these particular events a mix of the big pan delights followed by a more formal options has worked incredibly well. From a Wedding Festival Company perspective, feeding your guests early with something is a fantastic way to get them into the spirit of the day. However, many of our couples like to have something a bit more formal seated, even if it one course, as it’s a great opportunity to hold the speeches and raise a glass to the happy couple. Similarly, with The Corporate Festival Company, the more formal dining is perfectly positioned for annual presentations and award ceremonies.From canapes served by smartly dressed waiting staff, through to fillet mignon, our team can deliver culinary delights to help you create an unforgettable event.Get in touch with us today to find out how we can create deliciously appetising magic for you.#LetsCelebrate​

Street Food to Posh Nosh… in a field!

Street Food to Posh Nosh… in a field!​

No matter what event you are putting on from a small intimate birthday party through to a large scale corporate event, the one thing you can guarantee is that everyone will need to refuel!We are delighted to announce that having worked with our catering company for three years now, that we have merged together to bring you The Street Food Catering Company. What has become more apparent to us over the years is that the more we supply in ourselves, the less risk there is of anything not going to plan and of course it means that we can offer you hugely competitive rates and tasty delights that your guests will be salivating over as soon as they smell it cooking, we do every time!The I do Festivals group pride themselves on being able to cater for any event from fifty to five hundred guests. As such our menu reflects our client’s requirements from informal big pans such as chicken and chorizo paella and the forever favourite hog roasts with all the trimmings starting from £7.50 per head, right through to fine dining three-course meal options.Our catering tent is always erected the day before your event with checks on all of our catering equipment so that we know we are ready to get your taste buds tingling with delight.Our friendly chefs are all qualified experts and we have a five star rating for food hygiene that can’t be beaten.Have a look at our latest menu by downloading the PDF on The Street Food Catering Company website. If there is something that’s not on our menu, we are more than happy to price this up for you. We are affordable excellence delivering the highest quality of food and service even in a field!Get in touch with our team today for availability and to discuss your catering requirements for your event.#LetsCelebrate​

Timing is Everything – Food Matters!

Timing is Everything – Food Matters!​

Ok so you have decided on what to feed your guests, the last big questions is when? There are some simple do’s and don’ts to help guide you with planning the catering service at your event.Here at the I do Festivals group, we pride ourselves on award-winning event planning. We are more than happy to give you advise on not only what to feed your guests, but when! This varies dramatically based on the sort of event that you are putting on.If you are going to feed your guests once, let them start to enjoy the celebration before they are fed, you don’t want them to be left hungry. If your budget only supports feeding them once a great idea is to hire out our vintage tea party tent and have your own Great British Bake off! Guests love a bit of competition and the tent always looks stunning when filled up with an array of cup cakes to Victoria sponges. The tent itself is supplied with mismatched vintage china from three tier cake stands, side plates, tea plots, sugar bowls and of course the traditional cups and saucers. This is great way of ensuring that your guests can always get a fresh cuppa and a slice of cake…or two if you are me! Even if you are feeding your guests, this is always a nice touch to add to any event.Don’t peak too soon! We have all been there, let’s be honest, “just the one waffer thin mint sir”!   The ideal scenario is to make sure your guests have enough to hold the rumbling tummies at bay by providing something like a big pan dish.  Save the more substantial meal until later on during the day.Certainly, with an I do Festivals event, you want to make sure your guests are not too full to get their best dancing shoes on and strike some shapes on the dance floor! That is certainly the case with weddings and even more so with corporate celebrations that are normally have an element of team building activities.Something for everyone! Make sure that you know how many guests are vegetarian and how many have certain food intolerances. Here at The Street Food Catering Company, if you are holding an I do festivals managed event we contact all of your guests and collate this information for you, so you can be confident that your guests won’t go hungry, not on our watch!For any catering requirement, The Street Food catering Company will work with you to deliver delectable and flavoursome catering options, all prepared freshly at the venue that day by a dedicated team of first class professionals- Food matters!#LetsCelebrate​

I Do Festivals Group

Welcome to the Street Food Catering Company, part of the ‘I Do Festivals' group. We are dedicated to supplying only the best products and catering options for our clients. From big pan favourites like Paella to freshly prepared wood fired pizzas and summer salads, we are your ideal solution for any outdoors event. We also specialise in more formal three- course sit down meals, which can be more suitable for our wedding and corporate clients.


We pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality, free range products for our clients and their guests so that we can be sure that you will not only love our food, but your guests will talk about it for weeks to come.

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Our highly professional and friendly team of chefs pride themselves on the food they serve and professional friendly nature in which we operate. This customer service sets us apart from the rest and keeps our clients returning year after year.


Our team can handle any size event, be it an intimate party or a corporate event for 200+ guests.


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